profilbild-2We know Iran, the country culture and business conduct .

Our MD’s doing is based on:

  • Four decades experience in international sales and marketing
  • International management positions within the SCHOTT Group of companies
  • Many years as expatriate in Iran/Middle East, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia
  • Multiple international market research tasks and projects e. g. in Iran/Middle East, Skandinavia, UK, Turkey, India, China, South Africa, Asia
  • Experience from projects on particular difficult terrain like Iran/Middle East, Pakistan, Myanmar, Russia


MD’s Expertise:

  • Development and implementation of strategies for specific markets and products (B2B)
  • Opening up and development of a market segment for particular product families (B2B)
  • Market- and customer specific product development (B2B)
  • Key Account  Management
  • Ability to negotiate on top management level
  • Customer tailored speciality glass applications and technologies
  • High ability to communicate, to understand both sides of different cultures, and finally match different points of view



  • German, English, French, Spanish, some Farsi.